Ill Bethisad

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'Yn nediwn seint yn llinghedig, yn nediwn seint yn cor'

Ill Bethisad ("the universe" in Brithenig) had as its origins the constructed world and history devised by Andrew Smith of New Zealand where his constructed language (called Brithenig) exists. Brithenig itself is a constructed Romance language based on the premise that the Latin spoken in Roman Britain did not die out but rather developed into a modern Romance language akin to Spanish and French. Since its original conception, Brithenig has attracted a number of fans who have either created their own conlangs within Ill Bethisad, a term that has come to be applied to the constructed reality of this alternate timeline, or else have contributed to shaping its history and cultures.


What a beautiful world! Our teams of cartographers have prepared a number of maps to help describe this other world. Find out where you are by flipping through the Atlas Page which contains many maps of the world and some localities.

Check out the News Page for news releases from Ill Bethisad. The News Desk is kept very busy collating reports from all corners of Ill Bethisad!

The Ill Bethisad Wiki is a most excellent and complete database of work being done on the Ill Bethisad project. It is here that you can access ancient archives, various musings on the nature of the project and of course all the hundreds of articles that describe the world in considerable detail.

Our presence is documented at Wikipedia.

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